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Tainan 400

400, when representing a unit type,
can be a measure, or something far beyond.

For example, 400 meters represents exactly one lap of a standard outdoor running track. 400 can also be an ISO speed for camera film or the number of calories in a bowl of braised pork rice. Therefore, how can we interpret 400 years in terms of life in a city? If we view Tainan as a unit of measurement, what do we get when we add 400 to Tainan? In Tainan 400, we invite you to create your own way to measure Tainan’s culture from a 360° panoramic view for 365 days. Experience and define the city intimately, using your own imagination and your own mode of travel.



When looking back into the history of Tainan, we can see that the city has been a crossroads, where different peoples from different countries have met and collaborated. Cultural traces over each distinct period of time have been layered, mixed, and revived, shaping Tainan’s identity as an historic city. In 2024, Tainan will keep moving forward in all aspects. Tainan 400 is a great opportunity to once again bring Taiwan to the world. Together, we can keep hold of precious memories that are indispensable to this land while ushering in a promising future for Tainan!

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